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    You've made it this far, congratulations! This website is a collection of some of my work. There is so much more than you have viewed here. I currently have 2 works from a Limited Edition Series at: 'truth and beauty' Gallery. You can find projects and works that are not included on this website at Redbubble & on my Blog, which you can get to by clicking the little 'globe' icon. My collection of work is large and some works unseen.

    Most anything you see on Redbubble and this website is for sale, except for a few Limited Editions. If you see something on this site that you would be interested in purchasing, just let me know and I can either guide you to it or if it is not on Redbubble, we can talk about what format / size you might want to purchase. I am thankful to work with a design firm and to have my work in many homes, businesses and hotels across Canada, the UK and throughout Europe.

    My Sold Out exhibition . . . Lullaby of the Trees, from December 2013 is hanging in the Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver . . . in the lounge. I am going to be a part of Capture Photo Fest in Vancouver, April 2017. Watch for updates coming soon.

    I shoot with a Canon Rebel T2i (with various lens) & my iPhone 6. As of late I have become slightly obsessed with Polaroids. I have a Polaroid sx-70, Polaroid 600, Impulse & Specra. Periodically shoot with Vintage Kodak Brownie (film - colour & black/white), Minolta 7000i (film), lots of experiemental shooting & some mixed media (painting, digital, film, scans, iPhone Apps). I have recently began painting for my own amusement.

    For the past 3 years I have been working on a photo project . . . The George Vamos (v'l) Project. Documenting over 3,000 paintings of the famous Kenyian Architect, unbeknownst to anyone that he had a passion for painting through his European travels. Working closely with his wife and her wonderful translater, I have introduced his works to the world through social media and working on a website to show all the works. Hoping to have a hand in a future Budapest, Hungary exhibition. This is a work in progress.

    Instagram The George Vamos Project

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  • Accomplishments & Exhibitions

    o Capture Photo Fest 2017: 'Crystalline' Beaumont Studios. April 18-30 2017
    o Beaumont Studios: 'Through the Lens' February 14-28 2017
    o Dreaming in Colour: 4532 West 10th(Pane e Formaggio)December 2016-February 2017
    o Harmony Arts Festival-West Vancouver: August 02-03-04 2016
    o Pane e Formaggio/Creswell Enterprise: 'Windows' Enlarged Polaroids. March 2016 - June 2016
    o Pane e Formaggio/Creswell Enterprise: 'Another World' December 2015 - January 2016
    o PopUp Exhibition/December 3-12, 2015
    o Truth and Beauty/Portfolio Walk - November 2015
    o Pane e Formaggio: 'Dreaming in Daylight' December 2014 - January 2015
    o Chinese Cultural Centre: Replay of 'Urban Motion' April - May 2014
    o Calgary Waterfront Project / BBA Design Consultants: Installations in 3 Penthouse Properties - March 2014
    o Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel: Lullaby of the Trees: Permanent Installation 2014 - Lobby & Lounge
    o Pane e Formaggio: Remission & L'Absente: | Limited Edition Exhibition | January 16/February 02 - 2014
    o Pane e Formaggio: Lullaby of the Trees: December 2013/January2014 - SOLD OUT
    o Truth and Beauty - The Collective: Irkut - 'Lookout' | 24.5" x 30" | Archival LightJet Matte C-Print | Limited Edition 1/10 | $650 - March 2013
    o Pane e Formaggio: Abstractical Ice: The Winter Show - December 2012/January2013
    o Fillmore Family Foundation/A Loving Spoonful: Charity Event - Silent Auction November 2012
    o Place des Arts: Poetic Abstractions: 7 Visions - September 2012
    o Papergirl Vancouver: The Roundhouse Gallery - July 2012
    o BC Business Magazine: (photograph & mention) May 2012
    o 'Vogue' WPGA Gala: Silent Auction March 2012
    o PhotoHausGallery: Mobileography 2.0 - May 2012
    o Pane e Formaggio: Winter Impressions - December 2011/January2012
    o Scotia Bank presents: For the Love of Art - March 2011
    o Urban Motion: Festa della Primavera Spring Show - May 2011
    o AIOM: Roundhouse Gallery - April 2011
    o Night of the Dragon Gala: February 2011
    o Van City Art Wall: February 2011
    o Cover of 'Event' Literary Journal: Canada Council of the Arts, Summer Edition 2010
    o Project Empty Bowl: Charity Event - Silent Auction 2009 & 2010
    o Fillmore Family Foundation: Charity Event - Silent Auction November 2010
    o Nominated for Inside Solo online magazine 'Juried: March 2010
    o The Beige ~ Jazz Quintet: CD Release Poster - December 2009

  • Testimonials

    "Robert is an amazing visual artist."
    Bif Naked 2012, singer, performer, Canadian

    "This show is timeless, always follow your passion . . . I never became famous until my 60's."
    Fred Herzog 2011, photographer, Canadian (referring to a particular show)

    "I just think that this is art personified, taken to the outer limits as it were. And you did it . . . that is what matters. Great outcome!"
    Mindy Dick 2010, wildlife photographer, Canadian (referring to an original series of paintings)

    "This is great! I like your style . . . waiting to see more of your creative work"
    Adriana Di Antonio 2012, photographer, Larnaca, Cyprus, Europe (referring to a second series of Russian Sailors)

    "You've produced such sensual images, leaving out so much, but making us want to see more!"
    Mel Brackstone, photographer, Brisbane, Australia (referring to a Self Portrait series)